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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hashgreen DEX?​

Hashgreen is the first decentralized exchange on the Chia Blockchain. The platform enables users to exchange Chia (XCH) and Chia Asset Tokens (CATs) in a secure and anonymous manner. We aggregate open offers in an order book to improve efficiency and provide trade histories for price transparency. By integrating with the official Chia light wallet, Hashgreen offers you a seamless experience where trading only takes a mere few clicks.

Why are decentralized exchanges (DEX) better?​

A decentralized exchange is a cryptocurrency marketplace that does not require users to deposit their funds in a custodial wallet. Through smart contracts, users could interact with the exchange using their Chia wallets, thus eliminating the need for fund transfers and increasing interoperability. Furthermore, a DEX offers better security and privacy since it could not be hacked and there is no need for account signups.

Why is Hashgreen the best possible design for offers?​

At Hashgreen, you never have to download offer files from other people, making it easy and secure. Our integration with the Chia light wallet also means everything is mere clicks away. Furthermore, there is no separation between offer makers and takers: If you want to complete a trade fast, simply submit a counter-offer to the desired offer, even when the original desired offer happens to be taken, your new offer will remain for the next user without any additional intervention. The flexible design also enables us to introduce many upgrades in the future to make trading easy, safe, and smooth.


Which CATs do Hashgreen support?​

In the initial release, we support Chia (XCH), Stably USD (USDS), Mojoverse(MJV), Spacebucks (SBX). Catkchi (CTK) will join us shortly. We plan to add on many more community CATs once we finish testing.

If there’s a CAT in Chia that you would like to list, please fill out the form below and contact [email protected]:

There are risks associated with cryptocurrencies and trading community tokens, we collect and display basic information to help but do not officially endorse these tokens unless otherwise specified. Please purchase them only if you know what the project is about.

How do I start trading?​

  1. Download an official Chia light wallet and make sure to have Chia or CATs (add token tails if needed).
  2. Generate offers and choose Hashgreen DEX in the upload option.
  3. Visit the link returned in your wallet, you can track and manage all open/past offers directly.

What is the matching logic behind Hashgreen?​

For the first version, we naively match offer by offer without any market making or complex algorithms. This ensures that prices are fair and that we cannot pocket the spread.

If a particular transaction unfortunately fails to go through, this will not cause a security breach and we will discard the offer file. We understand it’s frustrating to not complete the trade at the desired price. This occurs when another party contends with the offer file and spent it first.

Why is there a minimal amount error?​

We have decided to set a minimal offer amount to prevent leftover offers that are too small to be of interest and avoid congestion in the order book. The limit is generally very low, on the orders of cents (if converted to usd).

Let’s talk about money​

How can I acquire Chia (XCH)?​

The easiest ways to buy Chia for non-farmers is through a centralized exchange such as Okex. After converting it from another currency like Bitcoin or Tether, one can download a Chia wallet and transfer funds. Congratulations, a plethora of CATs would then be waiting for you!

For those in the US, an alternative method is to register a Stably account and buy USDS, then transfer them to a Chia wallet as a CAT.

Are there any fees associated with Hashgreen DEX?​

NO! We may charge a small transaction fee when we introduce an AMM or other improvements to the exchange but the fee is zero as of now.

Will Hashgreen issue tokens?​

Yes, we will be releasing a utility token in the near future! We have designs for a series of DeFi projects down the road (some involves yield farming, get ready farmers!)