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โ–ถ Get Started

Get Started with HashgreenSwap

Getting started might seem a bit frustrating initially, but fret not๐Ÿ˜Ž. This series of documentation will walk you through all the steps and ensure you have a seamless and smooth trading experience with HashgreenSwap.

Before You Startโ€‹

Before you start trading in HashgreenSwap, make sure to follow the instructions listed below: create a wallet, get some XCH or CATs in your wallet, and connect your wallet to HashgreenSwap.

Create A Walletโ€‹

The first thing you need to do before using HashgreenSwap is to install and set up a wallet that supports HashgreenSwap on the Chia blockchain. HashgreenSwap currently supports these wallets: Hoogii, Goby, and Chia Wallet. Click the tabs below and find the one that suits your needs and is compatible with your devices.

When you are creating a wallet, keep in mind:
  • Only download the wallet via the official source.
  • Always use the latest version of the wallet.
  • Store your mnemonics in a secure place and save it properly.
Hoogii is a fully open-source crypto wallet extension built on the Chia blockchain. Available for download in Google Chrome Web Store. It has been integrated with HashgreenSwap since Q1, 2023.
Download Hoogii Wallet
How to set up Hoogii Wallet

Get XCH or CATsโ€‹

XCH refers to the Chia Network coin. CATs (Chia Asset Tokens) are tokens issued on the Chia blockchain. To be able to trade on HashgreenSwap, you will need to acquire some XCH or CATs. You can view the token pairs available to trade in HashgreenSwap in the Overview here.

Connect Your Wallet to HashgreenSwapโ€‹

Now that you've created a wallet and acquired some XCH or CATs in your wallet, connecting your wallet to HashgreenSwap is the last step for you to go. Simply launch HashgreenSwap and find the Connect Wallet button. Hit the button and a popup screen will show up asking you to choose a wallet to connect. Proceed with the wallet you wish to connect and follow the steps to complete the connection to HashgreenSwap.

Start Using HashgreenSwapโ€‹

Once you have successfully connected your wallet to HashgreenSwap, you can finally start your journey with HashgreenSwap! Feel free to check out How to Trade on HashgreenSwap and let the article guide you through various features of HashgreenSwap as well as the how-tos to seamlessly trade on HashgreenSwap.

HashgreenSwap API Serviceโ€‹

If you are a more advanced user or developer interested in interacting with HashgreenSwap through an API, we recommend reading this documentation for the HashgreenSwap API Service, which can be found here.

How to test HashgreenSwap on Testnetโ€‹

For the instructions on how to test HashgreenSwap on Testnet, please check the document here.