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Weekly Update #10

· 5 min read


What's Been Done

Over the past week, we've had Goby successfully integrated into Hashgreen DEX and we've also shared an interesting discovery made possible via a tool we developed that analyzes and reifies blockchain activities on Chia. If you'd like to see more of the cool graph analysis, please visit our tweet here and join the discussion.

Transaction Fee and Chia's Coin Set Model

  • We received some feedback from you related to the mechanism of transaction fee and the coin set model that Chia uses. Chia released in Chia Blockchain 1.3.4 the function of allowing makers to create an offer with a fee in order to help get the transaction onto the blockchain. According to the release, now when you want to make an offer in Hashgreen DEX, you can always add a transaction fee via Chia wallet or Goby wallet to ensure the priority of your offer in the queue. (See Best Chia Projects Bootstrapped on Hashgreen DEX for more.)

  • Sometimes problems such as amount higher than spendable balance would occur when you try to make an offer. This is likely due to the characteristics of Chia's coin set model:

According to an article written by Bram Cohen, he explains in the second paragraph:

  • The only persistent data is the current set of unspent coins, which have sizes and rules about how they can be spent.
  • When a coin is spent it can make new coins using its value but the original coin is gone forever.
  • Take the following scenario as an example: You have 20 USDS in your wallet and you'd like to create an offer to buy 1 XCH for 10 USDS.

    • Due to Chia's coin set model, your 10 USDS may consist of different coins in one package. Possibilities of the actual allocation could be: (A) one coin sized 20 USDS, (B) two coins sized 18 USDS and 2 USDS, or (C) whichever amount of coins that sums up as 20 USDS, depending on how the original transaction looks like or how many coins that are originally in your wallet. As you make the transaction, it sends the entire amount (or the highest amount of coin that you have) to the blockchain, then the change will be sent back to you.

    • In such a case where you have one single coin sized 20 USDS, your coin will be sent to the blockchain, destroyed, and split into two coins of 10 USDS, one of which will be spent, while the other will be given back to you. Before the transaction is sent to the full nodes (mempool, actually) and waiting to be included in the blockchain, you may not be able to make another offer since technically you don't have any coins available to be spent in your wallet.

    • Therefore, whenever you try to create another offer, you won't be able to do so, and that alert message amount higher than spendable balance will show up to remind you.

User ID

  • If you are transitioning from one device browser to another, you can use user ID to migrate your order and trade records. Previously on Weekly Update #6, we mentioned the function of user ID and how to use it. We would like to elaborate on this function, explaining more about the use and things for you to notice.

  • Users can import trade records from one device or browser to another. Please note that user ID is bound to the browser you're using. In other words, it will vary depending on the browser or device that you use. When the data migration is done, the original user ID will become invalid, which means you can no longer see the trade records in the original one.

  • Data migration will not be affected by the status of your wallet connection.

What's Rolling

Two weeks ago we had a Twitter poll asking for your feedback about the integration of Goby wallet, and we received a handful of your feedback for the update. We would like to invite you to tell us about your thought of using Hashgreen DEX.

Feedback wanted

  • Now we are looking for users to share with us your feedback. If you're interested in helping us improving our product, drop a message in our Discord channel #ideas-and-feedback or tag @HG | Daisy and @HG | James in #general to let us know! Or you can just tell us about your feeling of using Hashgreen DEX and what can we improve directly at #ideas-and-feedback. Feedback is always wanted and appreciated!

  • Example feedback questions:

    • Your experience using our DEX
    • Opinions of the functions or design we've had
    • Any idea of tools or functions that can be integrated into our product