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This is a long overdue update to the community! During the past two weeks, we are looking at other aspects of development on the Chia Blockchain.

What's Been Done

  • We worked with many project developers, including NINE, NioCoin, Zomb Studios, and FundMyLaptop on their airdropping campaign with our in-house airdrop tools. The need for such a tool for project developers cannot be overstated, and we managed to test it fairly thoroughly over the duststorm, sending out thousands of transactions on Chia. The airdrop tools is aimed for a open source later this month.

  • The chialisp team is developing a chialisp library that enables secure smart coin development on Chia, much like OpenZeppelin on Ethereum. The goal is to not only establish a set of tools for easier smart coin development, but also re-implement some standards (e.g., CATs) for these advanced developers to understand the use case. Below is an sneak peek on the square root function we implemented which would be a core utility function for AMMs!

;; Babylonian method for square root.

(defun cypher.math.sqrt-loop-babylonian (var var1 var2)

(if (> var1 var2)
var var2 (/ (+ (/ var var2) var2) 2))

(defun cypher.math.sqrt (var)
(if (> var 3)
(cypher.math.sqrt-loop-babylonian var var (+ (/ var 2) 1))
(if (> var 0) 1 (if (= var 0) 0 (x)))
  • The backend team wrapped up integration with the TAIL Database. We now have all the community CATs in our database, and once the new market selection menu is rolled out, you will be able to easily search up token markets!

  • The UI/UX team worked through the first draft on the user interface refactor on Figma.

  • We onboarded a frontend engineer, Henry, to help with mobile wallet integration. He will work with Goby wallet to enable that one-click trading experience.

What's Rolling

  • Goby integration is apparently the most requested feature! However, unlike offerpool and offerbin, Hashgreen implements our technology to be an offer aggregator so the raw offer files are never exposed to fellow users. We instead ask the wallet to upload a counter-offer to our website, which we can then be combined with existing offer on Hashgreen for blockchain execution.

  • Due to the shear number of CATs out there, we are prioritizing the market selection menu refactoring. The upgraded menu would allow you to easily navigate hundreds of CATs, star your favorite ones, and group CATs by their types.

  • We noticed that there is a need for a robust transaction micro-service to handle dApp requests, especially during the duststorm where fee is non-zero and when everyone suffers. This transaction micro-service will not only deterministically make sure a transaction is delivered, but also provide on-chain fee estimates for our upcoming dApps.