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🌱 Welcome back to another Weekly Update from Hashgreen, Chia's holders and friends! In the previous update, we talked about the updates and guidelines for the translation project of Hashgreen DEX (you are always welcome to contact us via Discord or Twitter to suggest a language or offer to help with the translation), and this week we have brought you an important update especially for mobile device users.

What's Been Done

  • Thanks to the help from our translators, German has been updated to our DEX!

  • Users can now enjoy a better and smoother experience using mobile devices to visit Hashgreen DEX! What are the differences that you see? 🧐 Tell us your feedback!

Figure: Try it out for yourself on the phone!
  • Our team has updated the interface of our DEX to make it render well with mobile devices, granting users an optimal experience no matter which mobile devices you are on.
Which devices do you use the most to visit our DEX? 💻 or 📱?

When would you use your phone to check our DEX instead of your computer?

  • We did observe that there are a number of users who would visit our DEX on their phones from time to time and we believed that there indeed is some latent demand or at least some inherent tendency for the users to visit our website while they are checking their phones. That's why we released this update, adjusting the layout and the aesthetic of our website, for users who opt for mobile devices.

  • One of the reasons we did not make this feature a high priority in our development schedule is due to the fact that users cannot trade with their phones. There might be services that can solve this problem in the future, but for now it's not possible.

  • We asked the community about what devices do you use the most when you visit our DEX, and the answer pretty much echoes with our observation. According to our data in Google Analytics, around 80 percent of the users visit our DEX using their desktops, and 20 percent of them use mobile devices. Isn't this interesting? Although desktop users form the predominant part of our users, there is still demand and feedback from mobile device users.

  • If you have any questions regarding the update or you would like to offer help with the translation, please visit our Discord or Twitter and reach out to our members!

What's Rolling

  • Our team is working on releasing an interactive introduction for users who visit our website for the first time.

· 2 min read


What's Been Done

Welcome back to another weekly update for Hashgreen! It's been a great week continuously developing our product, and this week we are going to give you an update on the translation project for Hashgreen DEX and also some random updates of Hashgreen!

  • Hashgreen members were having a monthly meet last Friday! Monthly meets are one of the great ways to keep everyone connected, especially when the members are all working remotely.

  • We are going to have an office space in Taipei!

Updates on the i18n project for Hashgreen DEX

  • Last week, we began the translation project for Hashgreen DEX using Crowdin, a cloud-based localization management platform that enables both collaborative translation and management, and we're lucky to have multiple volunteer translators to help us with our product. So far, we've had 11 project members assisting us with the project and in total 9 languages listed to be translated.

  • Again, we are constantly looking for volunteer translators or proofreaders to help us, so if you are interested in it, please don't hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or visit our Discord for more information.

  • For translators and proofreaders, we prepared a tutorial and some guidelines on how to complete the translation and what they should pay attention to when translating. Below are general explanations to the process of translation:

    1. Achieving "conceptual equivalence" in each of the source and target languages.
      The translation should convey the same meaning as the source language, and it should also remain natural and acceptable in the target language.
    2. Limited length of source string due to the design of the interface.
      Try not to let the translation surpass the original text length.
    3. Completion rate of translation above 95% is the parameter.
      The translator should complete at least 95% of the translation, otherwise the translation will not be updated to our DEX. We will update languages that meet the parameter on a periodic basis.
  • Your assistance is always one of the most precious things that we deeply appreciate, and in order to express our gratitude, there might be some random surprises given to those who help us with the translation project. 😜