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What's Been Done

  • Our team has released a brand new landing page of Hashgreen DEX. Over the past week, We've renovated the look of our landing page, including a few navigation components. We've also added a live market status menu in the landing page, allowing you to instantly check upon the trade information at the landing page.
Figure: A brand new landing page is out!
Figure: Scroll down to browse the current market status in the landing page.
  • You can browse the trading pairs or you can type in the search bar to search for the markets. Once you've identified the trading pair, you can hit the Trade button at the right end of the live status, and you will be directed to the exact trading page in Hashgreen DEX without having to select the market pair again.
Figure: Type here to view the live market status!
Figure: Hit the button to trade. It will lead you directly to the trading page.

What's Rolling

  • The development team has been striving to release major updates that we planned to integrate into Hashgreen DEX. In light of the situation that we decided to prioritize and focus on the major updates, the release for an optimal internationalization will be postponed. The language switch will therefore be temporarily taken down for maintenance in the near future.

  • The team has been working on an update for the light/dark scheme. We will optimize the switch and release it soon.