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· 3 min read


What's Been Done

  • Goby wallet has officially been integrated into Hashgreen DEX! 🤩 You can now make or take offers for Chia Asset Tokens (CATs) directly in the browser. Enter the amount you wish to trade in Hashgreen DEX to match offers!

  • We've received many valuable feedback, especially those from our Twitter poll since the release of Goby wallet integration on the testnet last week. It seems like the majority of you are all hyped up about the integration of Goby wallet into Hashgreen DEX, so am I! Our team has begun modifying and adjusting details of the integration since last week, and we will keep on making sure that Hashgreen DEX and Goby are well-coordinated.

    • We modified the notification message of wallet connection's status to give users a more definite indication.
    • We fixed the bug in which the displayed address of the wallet was not synced with Goby.

3 Steps to Trade with Goby Wallet in Hashgreen DEX


Please make sure you have installed Goby web extension with any of the supported browsers and have your Goby wallet ready.

  1. Connect to Goby
Figure: Hit "Connect Wallet" at the navigation bar and a tab "Choose Wallet" will show up.
Figure: Choose Goby as the wallet to connect.
Figure: Connected! You are good to go.

  1. Check wallet information
Figure: Once it's connected, your address will be shown. Click to check wallet information.
Figure: You can copy your wallet address and disconnect your wallet here.

  1. Start trading
  • Hit the offer in Order Book to trade
    Figure: Hit the offer you'd like to take and hit "Trade" once trade info shows up.
Figure: An independent tab will pop up from Goby. Hit "Sign" to approve the offer.

  • Make Offer directly in Hashgreen DEX
    Figure: Enter the amount directly in this section. Hit the arrow if you'd like to switch.
Figure: Once the amount is entered, unit price will be shown and you will be able to hit "Trade".
Figure: An independent tab will pop up from Goby. Hit "Sign" to approve the offer.

Few things to be aware of...
  • As you make a new offer on DEX, Goby will automatically create a same offer in the wallet.
  • If the transaction fails on DEX, make sure to cancel it in Goby as well.

What's Rolling

  • Our development team is working on syncing data between different devices. We discovered the demand and benefit of syncing data across different devices, and it would be natural and more convenient for users to track their orders (i.e. My Orders in DEX), granting the fact that transactions are conducted via different devices of the same user.

· 3 min read


What's Been Done

  • Our team has finally released an official update for the light/dark scheme in Hashgreen DEX after fixing some bugs that occurred when switching between schemes. We've also made small adjustments to the color composition of the page in different schemes to increase readability. You can set up dark mode by clicking the switch button at the navigation bar.

  • We've also worked through a few bugs of the frontend interface, making sure that your feedback is received and dealt with at all times.

What's Rolling

  • Wallet integration for Goby is coming! 😍 The development team has been devoting to finalizing wallet integration into our DEX, and now we are one step away from the one-click trading experience that you've all been waiting for. Before the launch of Goby integration, which will soon be announced, we would like to invite you to help us test the wallet integration on the testnet and give us some feedback. (Instructions are given below.)

  • We have also started a poll at our Twitter, inquiring your feedback of which part of the integration that you love the most and which part of it can be improved. After you've tried it out at the testnet, please visit the page, vote, and leave us a comment. You can also visit #ideas-and-feedback channel at our Discord to share with us what's your thought about it.

How Can you help to test the wallet integration?

We will create a test market TFRIES/TXCH at the testnet and upload enough offers of TFRIES requetsing TXCH for you to make offers. You can also create offers with either one of the coins.

Follow the Steps to Test Goby Wallet Integration

  1. Make sure you have installed Goby wallet in your PC.
  2. Enter Hashgreen DEX's testnet.
  3. Connect your Goby wallet with Hashgreen DEX.
Figure: Hit "Connect Wallet" at the navigation bar and the tab "Choose Wallet" will show up.
Figure: Choose Goby as the wallet to connect. Then a tab will pop up.
Figure: Type your password to unlock your Goby wallet.
Figure: You have successfully "Connected with Goby".

  1. Switch from Mainnet to Tesetnet10 in your Goby wallet.
    • Open your Goby wallet web extension.
    • Go to Setting.
    • Hit Advanced Options.
    • Hit Networks.
    • Change from Mainnet to Testnet10.

Once you've switched from Mainnet to Testnet10, the color of your Goby web extension should change from green to blue. That's one way to tell if you have done it successfully. 😏

  1. Visit this page and paste your address (It will be a long string beginning with "txch") to collect TXCH. You may wait several minutes until TXCH is received.
  2. Go back to the trading page to make offers with TFRIES/TXCH.
  3. Give us your feedback at our Twitter or Discord.