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What's Been Done​

  • Goby wallet has officially been integrated into Hashgreen DEX! 🀩 You can now make or take offers for Chia Asset Tokens (CATs) directly in the browser. Enter the amount you wish to trade in Hashgreen DEX to match offers!

  • We've received many valuable feedback, especially those from our Twitter poll since the release of Goby wallet integration on the testnet last week. It seems like the majority of you are all hyped up about the integration of Goby wallet into Hashgreen DEX, so am I! Our team has begun modifying and adjusting details of the integration since last week, and we will keep on making sure that Hashgreen DEX and Goby are well-coordinated.

    • We modified the notification message of wallet connection's status to give users a more definite indication.
    • We fixed the bug in which the displayed address of the wallet was not synced with Goby.

3 Steps to Trade with Goby Wallet in Hashgreen DEX​


Please make sure you have installed Goby web extension with any of the supported browsers and have your Goby wallet ready.

  1. Connect to Goby
Figure: Hit "Connect Wallet" at the navigation bar and a tab "Choose Wallet" will show up.
Figure: Choose Goby as the wallet to connect.
Figure: Connected! You are good to go.

  1. Check wallet information
Figure: Once it's connected, your address will be shown. Click to check wallet information.
Figure: You can copy your wallet address and disconnect your wallet here.

  1. Start trading
  • Hit the offer in Order Book to trade
    Figure: Hit the offer you'd like to take and hit "Trade" once trade info shows up.
Figure: An independent tab will pop up from Goby. Hit "Sign" to approve the offer.

  • Make Offer directly in Hashgreen DEX
    Figure: Enter the amount directly in this section. Hit the arrow if you'd like to switch.
Figure: Once the amount is entered, unit price will be shown and you will be able to hit "Trade".
Figure: An independent tab will pop up from Goby. Hit "Sign" to approve the offer.

Few things to be aware of...
  • As you make a new offer on DEX, Goby will automatically create a same offer in the wallet.
  • If the transaction fails on DEX, make sure to cancel it in Goby as well.

What's Rolling​

  • Our development team is working on syncing data between different devices. We discovered the demand and benefit of syncing data across different devices, and it would be natural and more convenient for users to track their orders (i.e. My Orders in DEX), granting the fact that transactions are conducted via different devices of the same user.

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What's Been Done​

  • Our team has finally released an official update for the light/dark scheme in Hashgreen DEX after fixing some bugs that occurred when switching between schemes. We've also made small adjustments to the color composition of the page in different schemes to increase readability. You can set up dark mode by clicking the switch button at the navigation bar.

  • We've also worked through a few bugs of the frontend interface, making sure that your feedback is received and dealt with at all times.

What's Rolling​

  • Wallet integration for Goby is coming! 😍 The development team has been devoting to finalizing wallet integration into our DEX, and now we are one step away from the one-click trading experience that you've all been waiting for. Before the launch of Goby integration, which will soon be announced, we would like to invite you to help us test the wallet integration on the testnet and give us some feedback. (Instructions are given below.)

  • We have also started a poll at our Twitter, inquiring your feedback of which part of the integration that you love the most and which part of it can be improved. After you've tried it out at the testnet, please visit the page, vote, and leave us a comment. You can also visit #ideas-and-feedback channel at our Discord to share with us what's your thought about it.

How Can you help to test the wallet integration?

We will create a test market TFRIES/TXCH at the testnet and upload enough offers of TFRIES requetsing TXCH for you to make offers. You can also create offers with either one of the coins.

Follow the Steps to Test Goby Wallet Integration​

  1. Make sure you have installed Goby wallet in your PC.
  2. Enter Hashgreen DEX's testnet.
  3. Connect your Goby wallet with Hashgreen DEX.
Figure: Hit "Connect Wallet" at the navigation bar and the tab "Choose Wallet" will show up.
Figure: Choose Goby as the wallet to connect. Then a tab will pop up.
Figure: Type your password to unlock your Goby wallet.
Figure: You have successfully "Connected with Goby".

  1. Switch from Mainnet to Tesetnet10 in your Goby wallet.
    • Open your Goby wallet web extension.
    • Go to Setting.
    • Hit Advanced Options.
    • Hit Networks.
    • Change from Mainnet to Testnet10.

Once you've switched from Mainnet to Testnet10, the color of your Goby web extension should change from green to blue. That's one way to tell if you have done it successfully. 😏

  1. Visit this page and paste your address (It will be a long string beginning with "txch") to collect TXCH. You may wait several minutes until TXCH is received.
  2. Go back to the trading page to make offers with TFRIES/TXCH.
  3. Give us your feedback at our Twitter or Discord.

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What's Been Done​

  • Our team has released a brand new landing page of Hashgreen DEX. Over the past week, We've renovated the look of our landing page, including a few navigation components. We've also added a live market status menu in the landing page, allowing you to instantly check upon the trade information at the landing page.
Figure: A brand new landing page is out!
Figure: Scroll down to browse the current market status in the landing page.
  • You can browse the trading pairs or you can type in the search bar to search for the markets. Once you've identified the trading pair, you can hit the Trade button at the right end of the live status, and you will be directed to the exact trading page in Hashgreen DEX without having to select the market pair again.
Figure: Type here to view the live market status!
Figure: Hit the button to trade. It will lead you directly to the trading page.

What's Rolling​

  • The development team has been striving to release major updates that we planned to integrate into Hashgreen DEX. In light of the situation that we decided to prioritize and focus on the major updates, the release for an optimal internationalization will be postponed. The language switch will therefore be temporarily taken down for maintenance in the near future.

  • The team has been working on an update for the light/dark scheme. We will optimize the switch and release it soon.

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Hello to all the readers, who have stayed with Hashgreen along the way!

My name is James, the newly hired community lead of Hashgreen. I will take charge of the Weekly Update series and carry on providing information for future product updates. Harry will still publish tech blogs from time to time, leading you through finer details of Blockchain technology related to Chia and Hashgreen.

Over the month, the Chia community seems to have been less active than before, yet with the recent release of Chia Blockchain 1.3.4. As for us, we have made a few updates on Hashgreen DEX.

What's Been Done​

  • Over the past few weeks, our DEX development team has implemented multi-offer upload into the web interface to make the process of transactions quicker and easier! Users can now upload multiple offer files simply by clicking the upload button or dragging and dropping offer files directly into the page.
Figure: You can now upload more than one offer file!
  • A new design of open orders and order history (now called my orders) is released. It's easier now for you to check the status of your orders and even make adjustments to it with a few clicks. Details of the trade information will be shown in the display board. The two dropdown menus at the top allow you to filter certain types of offers that you wish to see. You can also cancel your offer using the cancel button in the action column. Or you can cancel multiple offers by selecting them at once.
Figure: Click all markets or all status to manage your orders.
  • Our team has updated a new interface for the order book, in which we re-oriented the menu of the offers. Offers asking or bidding a certain coin will be aligned with each other. You are able to expand or close the panels, to either compare the asking and bidding price or leave the order book with only one of the offers presented.
Figure: You can zoom in to see specific types of offers.
  • We have released an update for the header! We add a control button where old headers are put together with the user ID button that was temporarily removed. Light/dark scheme switch and language options are moved to the header as well.
Figure: User ID allows you to sync between different devices.
Figure: Here is the button to copy your user ID.
Figure: To merge records, press import once you enter your user ID.
  • We've continued to iterate with new features in the DEX, some of which are dedicated to the feedback from our Discord community.

What's Rolling​

  • AMM is still under slow but steady development. Enabling AMMs on the Chia Blockchain turns out to be a really hard problem! If you'd ask us when you will have HashgreenSwap to test out on the testnet, we expect it to be here in another two quarters! In the meantime, we are starting to think about the tokenomics for the Hashgreen Token, to not only allow the profits to circulate back to the community but also create an active and healthy scheme that lasts long.

  • In order to ameliorate the user experience, the UI/UX team will continue to remodel the web interface. We are working hard on the new landing page besides a few more integrations!

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Over the months, since the release of Chia Asset Tokens (CATs) and Offer Files, we have seen a whole herd of CATs. At the time of writing, there are 289 CATs listed on TAIL Database, 580 CATs tracked on, and 72 CATs traded on Hashgreen DEX.

In the past two weeks, we have implemented automatic tokens importing from TAIL Database, and starting this week, we will synchronize our CAT markets with them on a weekly basis. Original (OG) tokens that are already listed with us will receive a blue checkmark to signify that we know what party is behind the token and where to contact the issuers.

To allow users to browse over CATs more efficiently, we categorize CAT markets into several types - stablecoin, NFT-like, meme tokens, platform tokens, and Chia official tokens. You can also search for and star your favorite tokens directly in the menu, saving you time and hassle to search up the CAT.

The new market selection menu allows you to quickly search up your CATs 😍

As a DEX development team, we have seen various project teams during the period trying to engage their community in very creative ways. Specifically, there are a few different ways that we think are exciting that involve the Hashgreen DEX team in the loop, and we would like to share their experiences with you, in hopes of inspiring the future development of the Chia community.


Airdropping your tokens is the best way to get traction from the community. After all, who doesn't love free tokens? There are a few project founders who have worked with us in the past to utilize our soon-to-be-releasedβ„’ airdrop tools.

Niocoin (NIOC), Nine (NINE), Fund My Laptop (FML), and Zomb Studio (ZOMB) are the projects that worked with us to airdrop their tokens, under the condition that token receivers have followed their social media accounts and Hashgreen's Twitter and Discord.

Over the airdrop campaigns, we have tested several aspects of our code, including blockchain reorgs, duststorms, and our smart batch execution of airdrops. Resilience to these network conditions, and having a framework to minimize the impact of the UTXO (or coin set) model on the transaction execution are crucial for all the development teams on the Chia Blockchain.

What is a re-org (re-organization)?​

Re-orgs happen when there are temporary blockchain forks, and subsequent farmers ultimately choose one to continue, leaving the rest re-org'ed. What the users will experience is, that the supposedly settled transaction will revert from its temporarily confirmed status, and this feature of the blockchain is exactly why on Hashgreen DEX we employed a 16-block confirmation to allow you to track how sure the fund settlements are.

What is the dust storm?​

Reddit explains it better than we do, but essentially some parties are spamming useless transactions on the blockchain, creating congestion and fee market at the same time. To note, this is perfectly normal - there is nothing shady with creating a dust storm, as blockchains are built to withstand these transaction requests. The dust storm transformed the Chia Blockchain into a place where all project developers and users are required to be aware of fees, which is healthy and sustainable.

To summarize, here are some catches with airdrops:


Airdropping brings high traction for your project since you directly provide them values, whether that value can ultimately be realized or not.


Airdropping would unavoidably distribute a large number of your tokens to the wild so that there will be more supply than demand for a certain period that follows. Make sure you have the corresponding plan to create demand by implementing events and platforms for people to meaningfully use your token.

Peer-to-Peer Token Offering​

There is a load of exciting NFT projects going on on the Chia Blockchain! While the NFT standards are still under development, a few token communities are already offering fungible tokens that are promised minting rights, and some of them bootstrapped their NFT projects on Hashgreen DEX!

Space Marmots Premium (SM1) and Ultimate Farmer Club (UFCG) worked with us to utilize our market and order book API to automatically provide peer-to-peer offerings to the users. They combined have more than 100 successful token sales on Hashgreen DEX, and these events were very successful due to the project development teams' swift actions and a diverse set of capabilities that our trading API provides.

Catmosphere (CATMOS) employed a cool strategy where they not only were selling their token at a price of 0.0010 XCH, but also offering a buy-back at 0.0011 XCH. All of these were done programmatically, and users can buy/sell the CATMOS token at will. The offerings provided an anchor to the price of CATMOS, and brought interest into the Catmosphere community and Hashgreen DEX. Over the period, CATMOS was even the most traded asset on Hashgreen DEX!

What can Hashgreen DEX API do?​

We offer a variety of functionalities from market exploration and public order book information, to private order management. The market statistics endpoint which provides real-time token price information and capitalization, is now being used by TAIL Database and XCH Universe (Let us highlight you by reaching out to [email protected] if you are also using them!).


P2P Offering is a wonderful stage for NFT projects as we head into the heated development of NFT standards, which will be finalized sometime in the near future. It also provides the development team with sufficient funding to kick start their further larger-scale development.


P2P Offering requires that you run a close-knit community group, and it is very prone to introduce user complaints when not enough updates are given back to the community.


As many project devs have found out, community members love to accept challenges to pick their brains!

Space Marmots Premium (SM1) and Easter Egg (EGG) ran their exciting trivia events respectively on Groundhog Day and March 9th. Their formats are not exactly the same, but both involve a series of meticulously designed questions that lead to some web pages, further pointing to more carefully hidden links with steganography. In these links, community members can find their offer files for the CAT as a sweet reward.

We at Hashgreen had much fun co-hosting and spreading these events, and were more than happy to work with any project devs!


Trivia is the most intimate event you can host with your community. It sets up this metaverse for them so they learn the backstory of the project, tokens, and dynamics. They can even act as future advocates for your project!


Obviously, you cannot send out a large amount of your tokens on a trivia event - it is meant to be special and rewarding. It also takes quite some time to design the trivia questions and make them decently challenging but not excessively challenging, so your event ends within a defined time frame.


We talked about three different ways to kick start your Chia Asset Token (CAT) project: airdropping, peer-to-peer offering, and trivia games. There are a lot more CATs we are trading now on Hashgreen DEX, and we conveniently categorized them for you: stablecoins, NFT-like tokens, meme tokens, platform tokens, and official Chia tokens. We believe it is an exciting exploration scrolling through the different categories, and maybe you can find another cool project to follow in the long run!

Start peer-to-peer trading today on Hashgreen DEX at

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What's Been Done​

  • Over the past weeks, fees on the Chia Blockchain seems to be here to stay. To allow our users get their transactions on chain quicker, we now provide users with the ability to supply fee by adding to the supplied Chia amount or removing from the requested Chia amount in their offers. The suggested fee is hinted on the pop-up window for order book items, and is currently 0.0001 XCH. We chose this number since it not only suffices to be on top of the mempool, but is miniscule (7 cents USD at the time of writing) for users. In the future, we plan to implement more accurate fee estimators to give better fee hints and save you some bucks.
How is it done?

With Chia offers, Hashgreen is able to redirect the provided fees into a temporary address, then we generate a SpendBundle on the fly to spend the extra amounts as fee. This SpendBundle is then aggregated with the user offers before we push it to the Chia Blockchain.

Figure: These are two different options you can provide to match an offer you like


  • We made it easier for users to submit your orders! Simply copy the amounts provided in the pop-up panel when you hover on the offers you want to match against with the copy button. You can also paste your offer file string directly on the web interface.
Figure: Here are the button to copy your preferred amounts to supply


Figure: In the official Chia wallet, use this copy button to copy the raw offer file into your clipboard


Figure: Press this big paste button to upload your offer file


  • Many partners are starting to integrate our Market Statistics API into their platforms. The previous generation were slow and bulky, taking nearly 30 seconds to complete a call. We have optimized it to return the results in under half a second.

  • New market selection menu is now available at UAT interface. If you want the UAT interface to connect with mainnet, head to UAT settings and toggle on PROD.


  • We fixed many bugs on the frontend interface, including incorrect display of order status (sometimes it shows "Confirming undefined"), and user token retrieval errors.

What's Rolling​

  • The smart coin team is coding up the first version of AMM coin driver for an MVP AMM protocol. As time goes on, we will gradually implement more standard functionalities in current AMMs!

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What's Been Done​

  • Over the weeks, we have been observing some users to submit deliberately mispriced orders and as a result, displacing the price reported in market statistics. We have adopted feedback from our community member Bluemoon to filter trade prices according to the current order book. The price field now is a stabler measure of the market. For existing API users who require stable price sources, there is nothing you need to do; for developers who want to see all trades including the mispriced ones, please check out Trade History API.

  • You can now access all market statistics with Market Statistics API by leaving the market_id field blank.

  • Over the course of the week, we added several tokens, including Little Lambo Coin, Green Wings, and Easter Egg. These community developers are have a blast with all kinds of activities! Active participation from community members is a critical factor to a project's success, and we enjoy co-hosting all sorts of events to foster the communities.

  • We implemented support for fee on Hashgreen DEX and will soon roll out on the mainnet. Under dust storm conditions, it might take a few hours to settle your trades, but now you will be able to optionally receive a little bit less XCH or pay a little more XCH as the network fee to expedite your orders. The frontend will indicate the suggested fee according to network conditions, and usually a 0.0001 XCH will get your offers settled in no time!

  • The UI/UX team continues to implement the product facelift.

What's Rolling​

  • Goby integration, after reaching out to the Goby team, turns out to be not possible at the time of writing since the ability to make offers from Goby is still being implemented. Current integrations on other platforms rely on the offer taking feature, which has already been a part of previous Goby feature set. As briefly explained in a blog post, we believe an efficient DeFi system would require the operators aggregate the offers, so we are now waiting good news from the Goby team about the offer making functionality.

  • We soon will start listing all tokens on the TAIL Database, compacted in the new market selection menu. You can even star your favorite CATs!

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This is a long overdue update to the community! During the past two weeks, we are looking at other aspects of development on the Chia Blockchain.

What's Been Done​

  • We worked with many project developers, including NINE, NioCoin, Zomb Studios, and FundMyLaptop on their airdropping campaign with our in-house airdrop tools. The need for such a tool for project developers cannot be overstated, and we managed to test it fairly thoroughly over the duststorm, sending out thousands of transactions on Chia. The airdrop tools is aimed for a open source later this month.

  • The chialisp team is developing a chialisp library that enables secure smart coin development on Chia, much like OpenZeppelin on Ethereum. The goal is to not only establish a set of tools for easier smart coin development, but also re-implement some standards (e.g., CATs) for these advanced developers to understand the use case. Below is an sneak peek on the square root function we implemented which would be a core utility function for AMMs!

;; Babylonian method for square root.

(defun cypher.math.sqrt-loop-babylonian (var var1 var2)

(if (> var1 var2)
var var2 (/ (+ (/ var var2) var2) 2))

(defun cypher.math.sqrt (var)
(if (> var 3)
(cypher.math.sqrt-loop-babylonian var var (+ (/ var 2) 1))
(if (> var 0) 1 (if (= var 0) 0 (x)))
  • The backend team wrapped up integration with the TAIL Database. We now have all the community CATs in our database, and once the new market selection menu is rolled out, you will be able to easily search up token markets!

  • The UI/UX team worked through the first draft on the user interface refactor on Figma.

  • We onboarded a frontend engineer, Henry, to help with mobile wallet integration. He will work with Goby wallet to enable that one-click trading experience.

What's Rolling​

  • Goby integration is apparently the most requested feature! However, unlike offerpool and offerbin, Hashgreen implements our technology to be an offer aggregator so the raw offer files are never exposed to fellow users. We instead ask the wallet to upload a counter-offer to our website, which we can then be combined with existing offer on Hashgreen for blockchain execution.

  • Due to the shear number of CATs out there, we are prioritizing the market selection menu refactoring. The upgraded menu would allow you to easily navigate hundreds of CATs, star your favorite ones, and group CATs by their types.

  • We noticed that there is a need for a robust transaction micro-service to handle dApp requests, especially during the duststorm where fee is non-zero and when everyone suffers. This transaction micro-service will not only deterministically make sure a transaction is delivered, but also provide on-chain fee estimates for our upcoming dApps.

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What's Been Done​

API Access​

Trading API has been the biggest update for the week. We are committed to provide a diverse set of API for developers so the community can grow with us. At the same time, we would like you to be explicit about the usage of Hashgreen APIs in your products to spread the words! Let us know your story and the creative use of both open market information and statistics.

  • We added USD quotes and USD volume in the market stat endpoint. The fully diluted market cap for the base currency in USD (the token in the front of the trading pair) is also provided as a ball park measure of how big the token is.

Note that the reference prices are only estimates are can be vulnerable to self-trading exploits. Please do not use currency price quotes directly in mission critical systems but only as a good reference.

User Interface​

  • The frontend team has been working hard on i18n (check out the beta site), and will be soon be pushed to the production site. We are offering Chinese and Spanish as a taste test, and are preparing for a community-based translation campaign!


  • The aforementioned market statistics are now displayed as a part of the market header. You can easily judge market liquidity based on the USD volume.


  • We've also worked through a bunch of frontend bug fixes including market selection menu overflow and asset filter menu. We won't bother detailing them but rest assured we are incorporating community feedback.

What's Rolling​

  • Now that we have the fully diluted market cap, we are making a market overview menu to highlight the most traded and the highest cap tokens.

  • The fully diluted market cap does not holistically represent the true market capitalization as any whale can HODL the majority of the tokens. What is more representative is the market cap based on circulating supply which can be tricky to automatically detect on Chia. We are working on some smart algorithms to pick that up from the blockchain.

  • In the long run, we realize we need a more elegant product UI to streamline user experience. The recently onboarded UI designer is starting to work hard on the refactor.

  • We had some very fruitful discussion on the mathematical design of automated market makers (AMM). There are some pretty important implications translating everything from account-based to coin-based models, and we are pretty sure we nailed it correctly.

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Happy lunar new year everyone! The Asia-based Hashgreen dev team had a great lunar new year over the past week! We find that our Discord community has been very active, and some updates might get buried under the exciting updates on new CAT tokens joining the family every other few days. Hence we are starting to update you about our technical progress on a weekly basis.

What's Been Done​

User Interface​

  • We added the light/dark scheme switch to make your eyes more comfortable, located in the footer section.
  • Right beside the market selection button, there is a row of market statistics showing 24h high, 24h low, volume, and the current price.

API Access​

  • To facilitate automatic trading, we released our first API doc on trading, including the ability to list markets, order books, and personal order creation/cancellation. We envision more and more participants can be in this process to reach the best market efficiency, involving arbitrage loops across Hashgreen DEX and other exchanges. In the loop, you will have to involve Stably Prime as they are the only stablecoin issuer on Chia right now.

  • The statistics of markets can now be retrieved via stat API. In the first version, we provide 24-hour statistics on the traded volumes, and are working towards representing the volumes in USD.


  • We onboarded a UI/UX designer, Ann, to help us improve our product further. There are some complicated integration with our partners including the official Chia wallet, a in-development Chrome extension wallet, and potentially one other browser-based wallet. We imagine the UX flow to be increasingly complicated, and hence it is time to involve specialists.

What's Rolling​

  • I18n is coming! We aim to build Hashgreen DEX to be a platform everyone in the world can enjoy, and we soon will need your help to translate our product!

  • The smart contract team is working on several chialisp designs, which can be a pretty prolonged process as it requires not only security audit but implementation and integration with wallet partners. One of the most immediate improvement to the Hashgreen DEX is to use an alternate version of offers to allow partial filling of offers.

  • The next critical piece for the on-chain economy and DeFi will be Automated Market Maker (AMM)! AMM implementation on the Chia Blockchain will require some bells and whistles though, and we are working very hard to propose a first draft. This set of chialisp implementation will not only be secure and fair from a user's perspectively, eliminating potential extractable values. All of these are still in development, but we want to stay tuned for more exciting updates!