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HashgreenSwap v1.0 is now live on Mainnet!

Come and join us to celebrate our Mainnet launch with the Mission Green Walker: Testnet Airdrop Claim event and easily add liquidity or create liquidity pools for your favorite tokens on HashgreenSwap!

Click here to explore HashgreenSwap and give it a try!

HashgreenSwap v1.0 Release

We are thrilled to announce the long-anticipated release of HashgreenSwap v1.0. This release brings a significant wave of improvements, reinforcing our commitment to providing a more stable and user-friendly decentralized trading experience.

Mission Green Walker: Claim Your Rewards for Our Testnet Airdrop!


Dear green walkers,

In celebration of the HashgreenSwap Mainnet launch and as a token of our gratitude for your incredible support during the Mission Green Walker testing program on Testnet, we are thrilled to announce an airdrop with a total reward of 1 million HG tokens!

Join the queue and claim your rewards HERE!

Eligible participants are those who actively engaged in our Mission Green Walker testing campaign between April 27th and August 31st. Claiming your rewards is simple; Please visit the campaign page here and follow the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Connect your Hoogii Wallet (make sure you are using the latest version) and share this exciting news on X (remember to set your account public).
  • Step 2: Paste the link of your tweet back on the campaign page.

These Mission Green Walker events are our heartfelt expression of gratitude for your unwavering support as we advance and innovate within the Chia ecosystem. The claim process will be open for one week, running from Nov 6, 2023 to Nov 12, 2023, as indicated in our recent Tweet. Stay tuned for more updates on our Twitter and Discord.

Technical Update—The Cycle of Building, Deploying, and Refining

Software development involves an iterative cycle of building, deploying, and refining. Drawing upon the valuable feedback we gathered during Testnet, we were able to review what we had built and therefore set enhancing trading stability as our primary objective in order to deliver an optimized and secure experience.

Trading Stability Enhancement and UI/UX Update

Refinements in the smart contract and the offer aggregator took place during this stage, so were those improvements in the user interface and the user experience design. You may not be aware of these changes in the first place, but they are the paved cornerstones that hugely contribute to the trading stability of HashgreenSwap.


Drop us a message to our Twitter or Discord and let us know how’s your experience using HashgreenSwap. And if you are interested in the technical insights of HashgreenSwap, drop a message too! We may take this chance and shed some light on the topics of the smart contract or the offer aggregator.

Liquidity Pools Now Open!

Post_Liquidity Pool Creators Wanted.png

We're thrilled to present you a chance to easily add liquidity or create a liquidity pool for your favorite CAT paired with XCH on HashgreenSwap! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Providing initial liquidity requires you to abide by the following rules:

  • HashgreenSwap only supports XCH-CAT pairs now.
  • You must contribute an equal value of both tokens in the pair.
  • The ratio of tokens you add will set the price of this pair.

Be the trailblazer and give it a try here!

Open-Sourcing—HashgreenSwap Smart Contracts

The HashgreenSwap smart contracts are the implementation of HashgreenSwap, an automated market maker (AMM) in chialisp language on the Chia blockchain. If you would like to verify the smart contract, please visit the GitHub repository here.

HashgreenSwap API Service

If you are a more advanced user or developer interested in interacting with HashgreenSwap through an API, we recommend reading this documentation for the HashgreenSwap API Service, which can be found here.

Connect Wallet—Hoogii, Goby, and More to Come!


In this release, HashgreenSwap offers a wider selection of wallet choices for your convenience! During Testnet, we successfully integrated Hoogii Wallet as the initial connection for HashgreenSwap users. Now, we're thrilled to introduce even more wallets, providing you greater flexibility in managing assets on the Chia blockchain.

  • Hoogii is a fully open-source crypto wallet extension built on the Chia blockchain, available for download in Google Chrome Web Store.
  • Goby is an open-source browser plugin wallet for Chia Network. Goby currently supports Google Chrome and Brave Browser.

Select the wallet that suits your preferences and embark on your journey with HashgreenSwap! More to come…

Information Update

The Landing Page and the Main Page

Together with the Mainnet launch of HashgreenSwap v1.0, we’ve introduced several updates to both the landing page and the main page, providing the community with the most up-to-date information. Can you spot the differences? 😏

White Paper Update


In this release, we’ve also had updates in the HashgreenSwap white paper. We‘ve adjusted the trading fee on HashgreenSwap to 0.9% (0.3% will go to the liquidity providers as rewards and 0.6% will go to HG token holders), a change that aligns with our ongoing efforts to provide competitive and user-friendly services to the community.

Furthermore, our roadmap has been refined, ensuring the development remains on course. Our journey may have evolved slightly, but the overall vision and commitment to excellence remain steadfast. Visit the docs and check out the updates here!

Get Started with HashgreenSwap

—Check out the complete user guide for HashgreenSwap.


We are delighted to introduce a series of instructional pages, designed to be your ultimate guide for using HashgreenSwap. These clear and straightforward instructions have been carefully prepared for you to follow. Take a look at how to get started with HashgreenSwap here!

  • Get Started offers a step-by-step instruction to help you onboard, guiding you through the process of creating a wallet, acquiring XCH or CATS tokens, and connecting your wallet.
  • On the How to Trade on HashgreenSwap page, we provide detailed instructions of interface operations for each core function, including token swaps, zap, adding liquidity, and removing liquidity.

Our Message

It's been a significant journey of development leading up to the release of HashgreenSwap v1.0. It’s incredible to reflect on the extensive work that has gone into optimizing and renovating only to give you a seamless experience.

We are excited to extend our invitation for you to explore HashgreenSwap, give it a try, and share your thoughts with us. We deeply appreciate your invaluable support as we continue our mission to deliver the finest experience on the Chia blockchain. Your continued support fuels our journey, and we can't wait to share more with you.

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HashgreenSwap v0.3 Release

Version 0.3 of HashgreenSwap is now live on Testnet! This release brings significant enhancements to the user experience via singleton aggregation optimization and introduces exciting new features like price slippage and token selection. These improvements are aimed at preparing for the upcoming launch on Mainnet. Join us on Testnet to explore the latest updates and help us refine HashgreenSwap for a seamless experience on Mainnet!

Click here to visit our page and start testing!

Singleton Aggregation Optimization: Enhancing Trading Stability for a Seamless Experience

Trading stability is of paramount importance to provide a smooth and reliable platform, and HashgreenSwap continuously strives to build a better trading environment for all green walkers within the Chia ecosystem. With this in mind, we are excited to introduce the implementation and optimization of Singleton Aggregation, a significant enhancement designed to further enhance trading stability.

Through meticulous fine-tuning and eliminating potential bottlenecks or inefficiencies, we have significantly improved the overall performance and reliability of HashgreenSwap. This optimization ensures a seamless trading experience, enabling you to trade with confidence. We remain dedicated to our mission of providing the best possible platform, and trading stability remains at the forefront of our ongoing development efforts.


If you would like to know more about native singleton aggregation, feel free to check out this doc or join our Twitter and Discord to discuss with us!

Introducing Price Slippage

In this release, you now have more control over your transactions, ensuring successful execution even in volatile market conditions with the presence of Price Slippage options.


When using HashgreenSwap, you can now select a slippage tolerance that aligns with your preferences, ranging from 0.1% to 5%. This feature empowers you to define the acceptable price difference between the time of your transaction initiation and its actual execution. By choosing an appropriate slippage tolerance, you can minimize the risk of unexpected price changes impacting your trade outcomes.

What’s Slippage Tolerance?

Slippage tolerance refers to the maximum percentage price difference that you are willing to tolerate before your order stops filling or gets canceled. You can also learn more about slippage via this article written by Adam Hayes from


Please choose a slippage tolerance by clicking the setting button at the upper right corner of both the Swap and Liquidity pages. Once you have entered the desired amount you would like to trade, HashgreenSwap will display and confirm that the minimum (amount) received is guaranteed when you submit your transaction.

Select Token

With this update, navigating and trading in HashgreenSwap has never been easier. The Select Token feature allows you to effortlessly choose and search for the specific token you want to trade by simply typing its name or asset ID in the search bar. Finding your desired token is now just a few keystrokes away.


How do I search and where can I select the token?

  • Navigate to the transaction page (either Swap or Liquidity) in HashgreenSwap.
  • Hover the mouse over and click the token card (each has an arrow pointing downward).
  • A modal with a search bar will pop up with a list of tokens displayed right below.
  • Type the name or asset ID in the search bar. Once you find the token, click it to proceed!
  • If it shows “No results found”, please check your spelling and try again.

Our Message

We are pleased to have you join us for another update from HashgreenSwap. We would like to invite you again to participate in testing HashgreenSwap on Testnet! Your feedback and support are invaluable to us as we strive to provide the smoothest experience on the Chia blockchain.


Would you like further assistance with an error message or troubleshooting? Visit our troubleshooting channel for a quick check. If the problem still persists, please contact us and provide additional details through the #support-tickets channel in Discord.

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Welcome back to another update from HashgreenSwap. In today’s blog, we will introduce the latest release of HashgreenSwap v0.2 on Testnet. We warmly invite you to join us and participate in testing the newly implemented features in HashgreenSwap v0.2. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Click here to visit our page and start testing!

HashgreenSwap v0.2 Release

This update introduces two significant features: Overview and Dynamic Fee. We are excited to bring these additions to HashgreenSwap, alongside various smaller updates and bug fixes that have been implemented based on your invaluable feedback.

Introducing the Analytics Page—Overview


Overview is a brand new segment in HashgreenSwap v0.2 designed to provide a comprehensive overview of trading information and transaction records. With this addition, you can easily access the general trading information in HashgreenSwap, as well as delve into the details of transactions sorted by tokens and pools. Additionally, you can apply filters to explore transactions based on the type of operations performed within the AMM.



Did you know...

The total transactions conducted in HashgreenSwap on Testnet have recently exceeded 10,000!

At the top section within the Overview page, you can find the trading analytics, displaying HashgreenSwap's TVL (total value locked), total trading volume, and the overall number of transactions. As you scroll down, you can explore information regarding tokens, pools, and transactions. Alternatively, you can click on the “Pools” or “Tokens” tab to access a separate page dedicated to pools or tokens, respectively.


Within Overview, you will have access to a display of transaction records. You will be able to check each transaction’s transaction type, total value (XCH), token amount, transaction address, and the timestamp. You can also utilize the filter options to selectively display all, swap, add, or remove transactions.

Each transaction will have a transaction address. By hovering over the address, you can click on it to access additional information through



The Tokens chart presents fundamental information about each token. By hovering over a specific token and clicking on it, you will be redirected to a separate page for extra information.


Take TXCH as an example. Once you are redirected, you will be presented with information about the token, including its TVL, total trading volume, total transactions, pool information, and all the relevant transaction records. You can, conveniently, click Add Liquidity or Trade to be redirected to the respective pages.



Pools will show you the current pools available in HashgreenSwap, including pertinent details such as total volume, TVL, and APY (annual percentage yield) of each pair. By hovering over and clicking on a specific pool, it will redirect you to a separate page with further information related to the pool.


Each pool will have its own overview page where details are presented as shown in the image.

Updates on Fee

Dynamic Fee

In order to prevent transactions from failing to go through due to insufficient fees, we developed Dynamic Fee to calculate the minimum required fee for your transaction, allowing you to choose enough fee to complete your transaction. Whenever you are swapping, adding liquidity, or removing liquidity, you can choose between different amounts of network fees that are calculated and the approximated speed will be shown beneath each fee option to give you a better understanding.

You can now directly choose the network fee in HashgreenSwap. Powered by dynamic fee aggregation, the system will estimate and recommend up to three fee options with different amounts and speeds.


The aggregation process calculates the minimum required fee and provides up to three network fee options. By default, the slow option on Testnet is set to 0.005 TXCH to ensure successful transaction completion (However, the default network fee on Mainnet will be 0 XCH). For the other two options, if the calculations have minimal or negligible differences, the system will display a total of two network fee options, including the slow one.

Bug Fixes and Minor Adjustments

Based on your valuable feedback, we have made several minor adjustments in response to issues identified in the previous release. Some of the fixes implemented based on your feedback include, but are not limited to:

  • Strengthening and optimizing the user interface.
  • Ensuring that the wallet remains connected even when the page is refreshed.
  • Resolving the issue of continuous pop-up windows appearing.
  • Adding buttons to conveniently copy IDs for LP tokens in HashgreenSwap.

Our Message

We are pleased to have you join us for another update from HashgreenSwap. We would like to invite you again to participate in testing HashgreenSwap on Testnet! Your feedback and support are invaluable to us as we strive to provide the smoothest experience on the Chia blockchain.


Would you like further assistance with an error message or troubleshooting? Visit our troubleshooting channel for a quick check. If the problem still persists, please contact us and provide additional details through the #support-tickets channel in Discord.

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HashgreenSwap v0.1 is now live on Testnet! This latest version focuses on introducing key features, debuting the main page, and providing numerous testnet events for you to participate in. Come and test HashgreenSwap v0.1 with us and give us your feedback! Let's get started together with HashgreenSwap v0.1 on Testnet!

Visit our page and start testing!

Introducing HashgreenSwap v0.1 (Testnet)

Why HashgreenSwap? Don’t Trust, Verify.

HashgreenSwap is built around offers, with additional features such as zap, market aggregation, Cypher library, and more. This unique combination creates a trading experience unlike any other. Some of the TLDR sneak peeks include:

  • Zap allows users to add unequal funds to liquidity pool.
  • All transactions can be cleared within one block.
  • Money matters. Advanced calculus is employed to ensure fair pricing.
  • Cypher library constructs the foundation of HashgreenSwap.

Check out this page and you will learn about the details of the features and mechanics we built for our automated market maker (AMM), HashgreenSwap v0.1, on the Chia blockchain. Remember. Don’t trust, verify.

A Brand New Main Page

—Swap, Earn, and Engage on Chia.

Discover the all-new main page for HashgreenSwap! We're thrilled to introduce our story and provide a hub for the Chia community as an AMM. Take a look and let us know what you think on Discord or Twitter. Your feedback is essential as we strive to create a platform that meets your needs. Join us now and be a part of the HashgreenSwap community!


The Integral Swap and Liquidity

Located on the left side of the top bar, Swap and Liquidity are the twin spotlights of HashgreenSwap v0.1. Both components are integral to the AMM, with each serving a distinct role. Swap allows users to exchange between two tokens on the Chia blockchain whereas Liquidity provides you a chance to earn rewards from the trade by staking tokens into a liquidity pool.



Start Testing HashgreenSwap v0.1

Get Started

In this release, we would like to invite you to help us explore and test the aforementioned functions in HashgreenSwap v0.1 on testnet. Specifically speaking, the procedure for testing is provided but is not necessarily limited to conducting: token swap, liquidity addition, zap, or liquidity removal. Visit the documentation for a comprehensive guide!


Would you like further assistance with an error message or troubleshooting? Visit our troubleshooting channel for a quick check. If the problem still persists, please contact us and provide additional details through the #support-tickets channel in Discord.

Mission Green Walker—Start Testing with Hoogii


Are you ready to earn potential rewards by testing HashgreenSwap v0.1? Follow these three simple steps to join the action and be a part of our very first testnet event, Mission Green Walker. Make sure to complete all the steps and stay tuned for even more exciting events to come! Let's get started on this journey together!

Step 1: Download Hoogii

Easily connect HashgreenSwap v0.1 with Hoogii following instructions here! Make sure to download the latest version on Google Chrome Web Store, connect or create a wallet, and switch the network to testnet!

Step 2: Claim TXCH

Get some TXCH from Chia Faucet or XCH Dev Faucet to your testnet receive address! Please note that your testnet address should start with “txch…” but not “xch…”.

Step 3: Start Testing

Voila! There you have it! Now you can start exploring and testing HashgreenSwap v0.1! Below are what you can test:

  • Token Swap—Swap TXCH for TFRIES (or in the opposite order).
  • Liquidity Addition—Enter an amount for both TXCH and TFRIES to provide liquidity.
  • Zap—Add unequal funds to the TXCH-TFRIES liquidity pool.
  • Liquidity Removal—Choose how much liquidity you want to remove to withdraw liquidity.

Our Message

The long-awaited HashgreenSwap v0.1 is now available on Testnet for the entire Chia community to explore and test. Our team has invested a lot of effort into its development, and we're hopeful that the mainnet launch is just around the corner. Your feedback is critical, and we would greatly appreciate it as we continue to enhance the platform further.


Would you like further assistance with an error message or troubleshooting? Visit our troubleshooting channel for a quick check. If the problem still persists, please contact us and provide additional details through the #support-tickets channel in Discord.

For any inquiries or to learn more about us, please visit our Discord or Twitter pages. Don't forget to swap or stake some TXCH and TFRIES to earn potential rewards! We'll keep you posted on all future updates and events. Looking forward to seeing you soon!